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Our tanks have been made from the latest materials/coatings to withstand the damaging effects of standard pump gas (E-10). We think we are the only company that has found the solution for permanent fiberglass tank coating protection.


Standard ethanol (E-10) can range in alcohol content from 4% to 12%. It is possible that fuel exceeding 10% can damage this tank. More aggressive E-15 (15%) pump gas and blended race fuels will damage our tanks. Negative effects can be seen in exterior bubbling, a sticky interior and pin hole leaks. We test all of our tanks before they go out. 


Never, ever use E-85 gas. If the bike will be sitting for 3 weeks or more it is good practice to run the carb dry and empty the tank. Before storing the bike for an extended period of time, emty and remove the tank, turn the tank over and place a drop of oil into the petcocks spigots. This lubes the internal valve seal of the petcock.


We feel modern fuel is junk and goes bad very quickly. Old gas can plug up your carb and ruin your tank. Bad fuel will ruin your tank and void our warranty. To find stations in your area with enthanol free gas go to

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