Our tanks have been made from the latest materials/coatings to withstand the damaging effects of standard pump gas (E-10). We think we are the only company that has found the solution for permanent fiberglass tank coating protection.The interior of our Street Tracker, Clubman and Manx tanks are coated with Gard-CoatTM. It is an option but highly recomended on all of our other tanks. This is a secret barrier which the alcohol in ethanol fuels can not penetrate. We think we are the only company who has found the solution for permanent fiberglass tank coating protection and we ain't sharing this with anybody. Alcohol will eat away the inside layer of polyester resin in uncoated fiberglass tanks.  All tanks come in a paintable white gelcoat.


Tank specs

Overall length 22-1/4"

(23-3/8" with rear tab)

Mounting length (from front cut in to rear of tank, not tab) - 19-1/2" 

Width at very front - 3-3/4"

Width 3" back from front 9-1/4" (widest point in tank)

Channel/tunnel width at narrowest 3"  (widens out from 3")

Height without cap - 7" 


The Street Tracker tank is styled like XR-750 Harley tank on steroids. It holds about 3 gallons for an adequate riding range. It mounts just like the stock tank. Tank includes two race-style petcocks and a gas cap with a one-way check valve for venting. The sides are flat for easy graphics application. It is finished in white gelcoat. Could this tank fit other brands? Maybe but you would need a similar back bone length and you'd have to replicate Yam 650 style mounting on your frame. Tank is coated with Gard-CoatTM.

Tank specs

Height 7-1/2" with cap

Width max 9-7/8"

Width rear 9-7/8"

Length 18-1/2"

Tunnel width 3-1/2"

Mount length, rear hole to leading edge over frame 14-1/2"

Weight 3 pounds