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Lead time on Fairings is 2 weeks

This abbreviated fairing is just right for many vintage cafe projects – particularly mid-size Japanese and Italian bikes and larger road race style bikes where you want to emphasize the tank and tail. 7" opening to accept the 7" headlight size. Frenched headlight openings for a rounded, quality look. Other glass fairings just have openings sawed out of the front. Bush city! Wind screen is the best quality smoke polycarbonate. Comes with universal hardware for do-it-yourself mounting. Blinkers are not included.

Fiberglass lower with smoke acrylic wind screen captures the period race look. Fits big 8" headlights. Comes unslotted with universal brackets for do-it-yourself mounting.

Well it's finally here – the world's best looking 1/4 fairing. This fairing was styled after the most popular 1/4 fairing of the '70s. Omar's design is drastically different. 1) The headlight opening is frenched for a quality finished look. 2) A 'dash board' is molded to fairing body to make a very strong structure. 3) The quality smoke shield is a faithful reproduction of the original. Designed for 7" lights. Comes with universal mounting hardware. We assume you will have to trim the opening to fit your bars, go ahead, it's only fiberglass. Blinkers are not included.

Here is a fairing with an 8 1/4" rounded opening for big head lights on Yamaha 650s and other bikes. The styling is similar to our other 1/4 fairing. The body and dash board are one piece for strength. It comes with a quality smoke shield and universal mounting hardware. Does not fit 1995-96 BMW R1100R with wide gauges.

This is Omar's S styling fairing with an 8" 1/4 headlight opening. Unlike the BMW fairings, ours is one piece-the body and dash board are one piece. This makes a stronger fairing. It comes with a superb quality smoke windshield which is pre-drilled for easy assembly. The best part of this product is that it comes with dedicated mounting hardware-no miserable Saturday mornings figuring out what goes where. This one just bolts together in jiffy-quick time. No room for fairing mounted instruments. Blinkers are not included.

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