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The design of our clubman is based on CR Honda road race bikes but we're doing some untraditional sculpting so be prepared for some slightly unusual vintage glass. You'll notice the sculpted knee pockets in the tank - that's normal. What is not normal is a tail piece/fender, it has sculpted lines which answer the tank knee pocket. This was done so creative painters could make tank and tail flow into one another. Omar's deliberately designed this kit for a bone stock CB450 frame. We happened to pick the 450 because scads of them litter junk yards, (read, cheap) and they have decent power. This kit will fit other bikes with single back bones but may not fit bikes with three back bones like H2/H3, RDs and T500s. It will fit CB350/360 but you'll have to flatten the flange on the back bone and pad it with foam. Should fit CB400/500/550s and other mid sized Japanese and European bikes with a back bone diameter of 3" or less.

Tank specs

Length - 24 1/2"

Width - 9 5/8"

Height - 6 1/2" w/o cap

Channel at narrowest - 2 3/4"

Capacity about 2 1/2 gallons

Honda CR road race style. This tank is built with an anti-ethanol coating so you don't have to worry about the engine and carb damaging effects of gasoline with corn based additives. Tank features Omar's hidden center mount. A center mount is terrific because it allows this tank to fit many bikes. Problem with center mounts are an ugly hole in the middle of the tank. Our new and exclusive 'hidden center mount' is a flush mount cap which covers the center mount hole. No one else has ever done this to a fiberglass tank to our knowledge. The hidden cap can be painted to match or left shiny. This tank should fit any old bike with a single back bone less than 3" wide. We have Omar's filler necks chromed, unlike our competitors, to keep rust away years after you buy our tank. We supply the center mount kit, you supply the foam and hose clamps. Tank is coated with Gard-CoatTM.


Tail specs

Length - 23.75"

Height - 6.75"

Width underside:

At front - 7.25"

At 5" back - 8"

At 11" back - 8 3/8"

At 14" back - 9"

Styling is based on the old 'bum-stop' seats from the 50s and 60s. Notice the sculpted lines at cushion/tank junction - it answers the tank knee pockets. To mount it, remove the seat hinges and lock. For now, you'll have to craft your own mounting system. Cushion foam is high quality and molded from single foam block, not scrap foam bits like others. It is covered with a heavy weight vinyl and has a textured Street Fighter top.


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