Over the years Omar's has developed custom graphics that were found nowhere else. We used to sell them only with tanks and fenders but no longer. You just pick whatever you want. All graphics are high quality vinyl with free standing letters - no backgrounds to collect dirt and wrinkle upon installation. Instructions are included. We state the standard colors and sizes. If you want custom colors or sizes, Omar's will do it on a special order with a bit coin for our chasing around time. Okay, let's start - on the left you'll find the list.    


Generation II vinyl graphics kit for the Omar's tank and fender. Four colors. Kit for Standard model 650s includes side panels (9 pieces -$125). Kit for Special models does not have side panel stickers (7 pieces - $115). Fits Generation I and II tanks and fenders. Designed to fit flat surfaces and will not fit on stock tanks. See new graphics section for graphics that will fit stock tanks. 

It is impossible to apply Omar's regular Street Tracker graphics to a stock compound curved tank. So here's the answer. Tank - just the free standing "Street Tracker" script in orange with black outline and medium gray drop shadow. Tail piece - this is the same as the regular Street Tracker graphics kit.

2004 customer, Lee Stewart, didn't like Omar's street tracker tank decals so we made stickers to his specs. We can special order a set just like these for you. If you order the Standard or Special Street Tracker sticker kit, there's no extra charge-we'll just substitute. If for some reason you want just these tank stickers alone-the price is $89. If you want just a pair of the orange 'YAMAHA' with tuning forks (without the background) the price is $59.00. The point we're making is that we'll do special stuff for those who ask. If you have an idea, we'll name it after you as we did with Lee. This graphic can be included into a complete street tracker graphics kit for just 20 bucks more than the regular kit price.

A customer asked us to make some stickers like the Steve Able Street Tracker in the Omar's gallery. We did and when an idea comes from a customer (even indirectly like this one) we name the product after the creator. You can order these alone or in combination with other graphics. Warning-they will only fit our street tracker tank. If you attempted to put them on a stock tank you would wind up in an institution with a rag in your mouth and your arms in a straight jacket.

These stripe graphics are stolen from our big XR styled Street Tracker tank stickers. These are just the checkers from both sides. They will only fit an Omar's tank so don't hope they will fit anything else. They are black and white. The outside border or 'rule' is black so if your tank is black, the border will disappear and may not look super wonderful. We strongly suggest you use other graphics above the stripes. You can choose:

These 7" long stickers look great on the sides of a helmet. Black with a gray drop shadow. 



White letters with black outline.
9" long x 1 7/8" high.

White letters with black outline.

9" long x 1 3/4" high.

White letters with black outline.
10" long x 1 1/4" high.    

Here is a rare item - Yamaha stripes for the classic Shell glass. Black and white stripes only - 2 tank and 2 fender.

These OW Yamaha styled stickers fit the 250 and 500 Champion tanks. They don't fit well on the 750 Champion tank. White and black. Two Yamaha stripes and two Yamaha tank stickers (9" long x 1 3/4" high).    

These fender stickers go well with the OW tank stripes. They are designed for our 'square' XR based fenders (not TT style). Five pieces. They fit all fenders but the two TT fenders. Five pieces - Yamaha stripes for fender sides, on Yamaha stripe for fender top and two small 'Yamahas' to go in front of side stickers. They fit all fenders but the two TT fenders. Two colors - white and black.

Orange letters with black outline.
8" long x 1 1/2" high


This Japanese style lettering was suggested by Michael T. Gurchik of Lakewood Ohio and will henceforth be know by his name. 9" x 1 7/8" they are primarily designed for tanks. Red with a black outline. Custom colors $20 more. This graphic can be included into a complete street tracker graphics kit for just 20 bucks more than the regular kit price.

Velocette style Yamaha tank graphics in red and black. 7" long x 2 1/4" high.