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Dirt track bikes use 19" rear wheels - the proper look for your Street Tracker too.

This kit allows you to use a 19" front wire or 19" cast wheel on the rear. This is a must on Specials with chopper-like 16" rear wheels. Kit also allows the use of a rear disc on the Standard 650s (but you'll need to steal all the brake components and swing arm from a Special to fit on a Standard).


A fat tire on a narrow rim is not a problem - the tire profile is a bit taller but fits nicely inside the 650 swing arm. When you order a DT tire, the tire size must fit inside a stock 650 swing arm (5"). Now know, when you use a dirt track tire on the road it will go away between 3000 to 5000 miles because it's a soft compound. Most guys don't care because a Street Tracker is a weekend bike.


Kit includes CNC billet 6160 and 7075 aluminum components:

[1] Sprocket side (left) wheel spacer
[1] Brake side (right) wheel spacer
[1] Center bearing spacer for 20mm axle
[1] Sprocket adapter – aluminum
[1] Disc adapter – aluminum
[3] Sealed bearings
[6] 50 x 8mm bolts – (8.8)
[6] 60 x 8mm bolts – (8.8)
[1] 34 tooth #7075 aluminum sprocket
19" wheel is not included


The front end of Street Trackers can look a bit naked.

Fork guards and a fork brace help complete the look. This billet aluminum brace is machined to fit the 650 Yamaha fork sliders (35mm). It will really tighten up your front end handling.They look absolutely wonderful.


Replace OEM plastic (can you say wobble) bushings from a bronze alloy. Won't rust like needle bearings. Fits many Yamaha models – DS7, R5, RD, XS, DT, MX and RT.


These 'cover-up' plates are designed to hide that very unseemly portion of the Yamaha frame where the swing arm attaches to the frame. It's like the engineers said, "hey, let's make this strong and screw the looks." Omar's ugly plates cover up the engineer's ugly mistake. They are cut from 1/8" aluminum and fit on the foot peg studs. The foot pegs hold them rattle free against the frame. They are made long and can be used with the stock side covers or cut them to use with our side paneled street tracker fender. Lightening holes are for looks only-these things are feather light. Paint 'em or polish them. They are guaranteed to turn 'ugly' into beauty.

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