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Another conversion kit for the Yamaha 650. Omar's strongly recommends that Standard models from 1974 to 1979 be used because they have spokes and shouldered aluminum rims. The Norton Manx styling was unique and is enduring. To adapt its styling to a Japanese twin is heresy but makes perfect sense. Yamahas are plentiful, reliable, cheap and lend themselves well to re-cloaking. You will own an attention-getting motorcycle with unique styling and rock-solid Japanese technology. Use front and rear fenders from a 650 Special. They are a little shorter than Standard fenders. Paint 'em black.

Tank specs

Height 8"

Length 26"

Width at front 12 1/8"

Width at knee pocket area 8"

Tunnel will accept a 3" frame with a tiny bit of room for foam cushioning

The Manx tank fits SR500s and other brands and models. The tank has a standard gas cap and the bottom edges are not rounded. Fits on back bone with our new hidden center mount kit. The hidden center mount is a precision molded stepped hole which accepts a cap to hide mount bolt. Comes in paintable white gelcoat. Not DOT or SAE approved for highway use. Tank is coated with Gard-CoatTM.


  • Petcocks

  • Gas cap with vent with check valve

  • Center mount bracket

  • Anti-ethanol coating


Made from a three part mold - this yields a part with more countour than most glass parts. Seat cushion is carved from a solid block or rare foam. If attached to the fender with 2" wide Velcro for quick access to fender mount bolts. Not available for sale by itself because it was made short to fit behind extra long Manx tank it probably would expose a gap behind any other tank).

Styling is blended with tank. Molded-in side number panels. Fiberglass is made in a highly contoured three part mold. Comes in paintable white gelcoat. Cushion foam is high quality and molded from single foam block, not scrap foam bits like others. It is covered with a heavy weight vinyl and has a textured Street Fighter top.  Cushion mounts to tail piece with Velcro. Red cushion piping is standard. 

Graphics include Velocette style Yamaha tank graphics in red and black, red number panels with black trim and a four color Manx TT logo sticker created for this bike. Tank panel striping is not included – do with pin striping tape.

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