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Designed to fit behind our Street Tracker tank

Over the years. Omar's has sold hundreds of XRW fenders. XRWs were the original design for Yamaha 650 frames. They had two problems. One, there was no easy provision for mounting them beyond my $50 dollar mount plate and two, the design was a bit boxy-it had corners towards the front to clear Yamaha and Triumph seat rails. Well, Omar's has finally gotten around to solving both problems. As you can see in the photo the sides are smooth from front to back. And there is a dropped pocket in the fender. This sits on the frame cross member and we provide well nuts and bolts so mounting is limited to drilling two holes in the frame. The front of the fender is secured with the rear tank mount post. This fender is molded to kiss fit the back of my Street Tracker tank. Kit includes fender, cushion, mounting hardware and instructions. This new fender at $275 is the better looking equivalent of the old XRW with mount plate at $300. If you want me to bond a taillight to the underside of the fender, the total price is $364.
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