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The Street Tracker tank is styled like XR-750 Harley tank on steroids. It holds about 3 gallons for an adequate riding range. It mounts just like the stock tank. Tank includes two race-style petcocks and a gas cap with a one-way check valve for venting. The sides are flat for easy graphics application. It is finished in white gelcoat. Could this tank fit other brands? Maybe but you would need a similar back bone length and you'd have to replicate Yam 650 style mounting on your frame.
  • Details

    Tank specifications
    Overall length - 22-1/4" (23-3/8" with rear tab),
    Mounting length (from front cut in to rear of tank, not tab) - 19-1/2"
    Width at very front - 3-3/4"
    Width 3" back from front - 9-1/4" (widest point in tank)
    Channel (tunnel) width at narrowest - 3" (widens out from 3")
    Height without cap - 7"
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