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Fender with side number panels. Comes with seat cushion. Cushion foam is high quality and molded from single foam block, not scrap foam bits like others. Cover is low-crack snowmobile vinyl with a textured gun-fighter top. Fender (when ordered with Gen II tank) is designed to self-mount on frames from 1974 on. Taillight is optional. Fender for Standard 650s is shown above. Fender for Special models have rounded bulges in rear of number panel for laid down shocks. Street Tracker fender will not fit Specials after 1981-you will have to move the upper shock mounts to the rear. 

Some guys don't want fenders with side number panels, they want to use the stock side covers. Okay, then pick the XRW fender. It comes in two versions, the XRWO for use with an Omar's Street Tracker tank, and the XRWS, for use with a stock Yamaha tank. Same seat cushion as the fender above. The taillight option is the same too.
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