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This new narrow cafe fender is designed to self mount on '74-'80 650 Yamahas. It will also fit other bikes with narrower tanks. Measure your frame's seat rails and compare to my under fender specs. Seat is quality one-piece foam and is covered with a heavy weight vinyl. Textured Street Fighter top. The seat cushion mounts to the fender with Velcro. Fender comes in white gelcoat. The tank in this photo is a stock 650 Special-with a little creativity you can have a cool cafe on the cheap. You can buy those glue-on rubber knee pads for 32 bucks-they fit most tanks.
  • Details

    Under fender specifications
    Width at front - 6 1/4"
    Width 5" back from front - 9"
    Width 12" back - 10 1/4"
    Overall length - 28"
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